Hey Friends we again came with an interesting topic to share with you, as we thought knowledge of everything Is must for all. The British asparagus season runs from May to June so we are going to tell you about asparagus.


First of all you should know about asparagus…… Asparagus is a spring vegetable, which is native to most of Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia and is widely cultivated as a vegetable crop.


There are three types of asparagus:-

Green asparagus: - It is most preferred asparagus category in United States. There are two variety in green asparagus jersey king (7-8 inch long), and jersey knight (8-10 inch long).




White asparagus: - It is most known category in Europe.


Purple asparagus: - it is commonly found in England and Italy. Some people prefer to eat purple asparagus raw or in salads so that it retains its unique color.



Now the question comes in our mind why we eat this vegetable,so there are many reasons….

1. Asparagus is a very low-calorie vegetable 100gm fresh spears carry just 20 calories, which may helps in loosing fat.

2. Asparagus contains many vitamins (A, C E and K), fiber, calcium, protein as well as folate.

3. It contains Vitamin B12 also which helps to boost our brain and memory.

4. If you do breakfast in the morning after too many drinks, so you can take asparagus which is a better choice. The minerals and amino acids in asparagus extract may helps to ease hangovers and protect liver cells from the toxins in alcohol.


Asparagus isn’t everyone’s favorite vegetable to have at lunch or dinner time, but there are lots of exciting ways to try it – and there are lots of healthy benefits that come from eating it too!





As describe in upper dishes it looks more love-able so try these different types of asparagus as these are very beneficial vegetable for us.