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 It is said that the mother is the golden gift which is given by god to us. Mother’s love is the first and purest love of all loves. She does so much for us and her selfless love is beyond the earth. She takes pain and smiles and gives her best effort to make our life bright.

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Birth Month flower

5/8/2017 6:15 AM


As we all know that after ending of April New Month which is ‘May’ has been started. In the month of May we have many celebrations like mother’s day, American bike month Transportation month etc. But in between this we have some friend’s birthday, anniversary and marriages as well.

Do you know that every month has a birth flower, yes it has. There are unique and specific flowers which are given according to the month that a person is born. Every month has its own birth flower and for May Birth flower is ‘the lily of the valley’.

The meaning of the may birth flower ‘the lily of the valley’ is Sweetness and Humility.

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0 Comment | Posted By pankaj gupta