It is said that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day to express your feelings to her in some wonderful style. You also must be planning a Valentine’s dinner or a long drive with your lady love. But this special day is incomplete without a gift that is appreciated by her.


Here are some wonderful gifts which are guaranteed you make her fall in love with you again.


Romantic novel

If she is fan of reading, then nothing can beat a romantic novel as a gift. Some books worth gifting include:

  • Something About You by Julie James
  • Where We Belong by Shelly Sumners
  • Vision in White by Nora Roberts
  • A Broke Kind of Beautiful by Hester Browne
  • Barefoot Summer by Denise Hunter

Each story is filled with various emotions and love being the major one among them. A novel as a gift is something that is savored for a long period of time.



These sweet gifts have been symbol of affection and love since a long time. Endorphins released from the chocolates are pleasure hormones which will add happiness to your relationship. So, whether it is Dairy Milk Silk, Ferrero Rocher or classy dark chocolate, each one has its own importance for this special day. Your loved one will appreciate a bag full of assorted chocolates with each bite reminding them of you.



Roses are attached with expression of love from the beginning of Valentine’s Day. Even some old legends mention how nightingale was inspired to sing a song when it fell in love after watching white roses.

 In fact, different colors and number of roses in a bunch convey different meanings like:

  • Pink rose reflects gratitude and love
  • Red one indicates romantic feelings
  • White rose is connected to new beginnings

There are various online stores through which you can send rose flowers online across India.


Creative Valentine cards

The market is full of Valentine’s Day greetings with quite impressive messages written on them. But preparing a card yourself takes your Valentine’s Day experience to another level. You can create a large sized greeting with photographs of you and your loved one together. Also, you can write what you feel about her in poetic manner.


Romantic flicks

DVDs of movies with romantic theme will be appreciated if chosen wisely. Some modern day meaningful movies full of romance include:

  • 50 First Dates
  • Titanic
  • Lost in Translation
  • Walk the Line
  • This Means War

She will definitely cherish this treasure of love in digital format.


Teddy Bears

This is something she can cuddle when you are not with her. One of the cutest gifts, teddy bear is loved by almost every girl. Make sure to choose teddy bears with finest quality and design so that she starts you loving even more.


A photo album

This is one of most meaningful gifts where you can integrate all your memorable moments. Do not forget to write captions using a silver pen reflecting your feelings for each photograph. Each picture of this thoughtful gift is going to make her sentimental and more attracted to you. You can even include special photographs of this Valentine’s Day in this album later to make it more special and valuable.

The gift ideas for Valentine’s Day are endless but these are something which is admired by almost every girl who loves her man. You can also go through gifting ideas by websites through which allow sending Valentine gifts online.

Therefore, add eternal moments to your love life by choosing most romantic gift for your darling.