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  1. Rs 899.00
    1 Kg Fresh Cream Black forest cake
  2. Rs 875.00
    1 Kg Fresh cream Pineapple cake
  3. Rs 925.00
    1 Kg Fresh Dark chocolate cake
  4. Rs 575.00
    Half Kg Fresh Cream black Forest cake
  5. Rs 599.00
    Half kg Fresh chocolate cake
  6. Rs 550.00
    Half Kg Fresh Cream Pineapple cake
  7. Rs 599.00
    Half Kg Fresh Butter Scotch cake
  8. Rs 1,599.00
    Make Mother's day Memorable, Send them a cake which is full of your love and heart feelings.
  9. Rs 1,099.00
    Blackforest is famous for his look when it comes for a party cake, Order this gorgeous cake now.
  10. Rs 799.00
    Make Special days full with sweetness, order this floral chocolate cake for your loved ones now.
  11. Rs 1,799.00
    Celebrate the gathering of your family with our delicious family cake.
  12. Rs 1,799.00
    Send a beautiful cake to your angel on her birthday.
  13. Rs 1,799.00
    Make your anniversary memorable and order a delicious cake for your better half. This will spread a smile on their face.
  14. Rs 1,049.00
    Searching a best cake for valentine then this is the perfect one for your better half.
  15. Rs 1,699.00
    A Unique way to wish anniversary to your better half is sending them a cake with your love image.
  16. Rs 899.00
    Our Dad's favorite Pineapple cake is all ready to wish father's day to your most loving man. Gift them now.
  17. Rs 899.00
    Fall in taste and look of Mango with our this mango cake, it suits for all occasion.
  18. Rs 1,099.00
    A New & Trendy flavor cake for your chocolate lover friends. Order it now for them.
  19. Rs 1,099.00
    Fully Loaded Chocolate cake for your chocolate lovers, when they have it they will surely love it.
  20. Rs 1,199.00
    A perfect garnished cake for all special occasion, send it to your loved ones now.
  21. Rs 799.00
    A different and delicious cake for the royal party theme and to send your far living friends.
  22. Rs 1,049.00
    A Flavor that liked by everyone and give a party best look by its gorgeous design. So why wait order this now.
  23. Rs 1,299.00
    A Square cake loaded with Cherries is perfect to send it on special wedding or anniversary of your loved ones.
  24. Rs 1,999.00
    A floral theme cake to make any traditional festival lovable, you can sent it to your loved ones too.
  25. Rs 1,699.00
    Every one have a Super Women and that's call Mom who sacrifice herself just to build the carrier of her child. So make them feel special and Marvelous by sending this Super Women Cake to them.
  26. Rs 699.00
    Filled with Chocolate stuff cake is best to send on Mother's day to your lovable mom.
  27. Rs 1,299.00
    Praise your mom and make her mood lovable by sending your heart feeling with our Heart Shape Mother's Day Cake.
  28. Rs 699.00
    Appreciate your mom's unconditional, darkest and deepest love on this Mother's day. Wish them and send this Cake to make their day full of sweetness.
  29. Rs 599.00
    Give them an ultimate treat by sending this lovable Pineapple cake on Mother's Day.
  30. Rs 699.00
    Make your mom's day by sending them this delicious cake on special mother's day.
  31. Rs 649.00
    Make mother's day more special by giving surprise cake to your mom. She will love to receive it.
  32. Rs 649.00
    Say your heart feeling to your mom who understand and believe in you at every situation.Give her a small treat on this Mother's Day.
  33. Rs 699.00
    Mother's Love and Care is unconditional. For that so much love order sweetest cake just made for your Mom to delight their mood.
  34. Rs 1,699.00
    Mother makes our every day good, just make her one day best by sending your best wishes on this mother's day to your caring mom.
  35. Rs 1,699.00
    Send a cake which will spread smile and joy to your mom's face. Gift her your decent care and love with this delicious cake.
  36. Rs 1,599.00
    Give you mom a sweet hug by sending this Photo Cake on Mother's day or any special day of her life. Order it now.
  37. Rs 1,599.00
    Send this delicious cake to a perfect cook who made your childhood perfect by feeding you full of delicious food. Now its your turn to give your mom a small treat.
  38. Rs 899.00
    Every person have a special women in their life and yes there is Mom who is always support in every situation. For that Special Mom give her a Special Treat on Mother's day.
  39. Rs 1,599.00
    Show your care and love to mom and bring smile on her face. Send her photo cake which is full of taste and garnished with your decent love image.
  40. Rs 1,699.00
    Mom Heart is full of love for their child and this love is unconditional. On this mother's day give your mom a treat for all things what she did for you. Order this delicious cake which is filled with chocolate and spread love in your home.
  41. Rs 899.00
    Fill More Colors to your Mom's day and make this mother's day memorable for her. Order this delicious cake in just one click.
  42. Rs 549.00
    A cake filled with delicious chocolate stuff is best to serve on any special ones birthday or anniversary.
  43. Rs 749.00
    Strawberry cake is best for your strawberry lovers friends, they will love to have it. Send it now.
  44. Rs 1,999.00
    The Best Cake for your loved daughter, Sister or Female friend on their birthday.
  45. Rs 1,899.00
    Surprise your special one on the festival of Love. Send them a delicious heart shape cake now.
  46. Rs 1,999.00
    Crispy and Crunchy cake loaded with Sweetness is best to send your loved ones to show your perfect gesture.
  47. Rs 999.00
    Tried all the flavor of regular cakes, now the time is to taste a new flavor filled with lots of goodness.
  48. Rs 649.00
    Black forest cake is the best choice and famous by his name only. When it comes in Heart this shape will give more love feeling. So order it now for your loved ones.
  49. Rs 799.00
    A perfect treat for the chocolate cake lovers, this chocolate fudge cake will fill your mouth with all chocolate taste and give you pleasure.
  50. Fresh Chocolate Cake Sale
    Rs 899.00 Rs 999.00
    Enrich with the goodness of Chocolate, send this beautiful cake to your loved ones.
  51. Rs 1,799.00
    A cake having Photo on this is a perfect gift to send you loved ones on their birthday or anniversary.
  52. Chocolate Cream Cake Sale
    Rs 549.00 Rs 649.00
    Cake is part of every good occasion of the life, make it more special by adding sweetness of chocolate of our Chocolate Cream Cake.
  53. Pineapple Cake Sale
    Rs 499.00 Rs 599.00
    Cheer up the birthday of your loved ones with a delicious pineapple cake. Order it now.
  54. Rs 899.00
    1 Kg Fresh Butter scotch cake
  55. Rs 1,375.00
    1.5 Kg Heart Shape Fresh Strawberry cake
  56. Rs 1,350.00
    1.5 Kg Heart shape Fresh Butter scotch cake
  57. Rs 1,399.00
    1.5 Kg Heart Shape chocolate cake
  58. Rs 1,350.00
    1.5 Kg Heart shape Fresh cream Black forest cake
  59. Rs 1,899.00
    A Delicious cake for your chocolate lover friends.
  60. Rs 699.00
    Mouth watering Pineapple cream is specially made for anniversary of your loved ones.

Looking for online cake store? Confused about which cake to choose? Well, you can try our yummylicious cakes!

Flowersngiftonline offers finest quality cakes in different flavors and sizes.
You can choose multiple forms of cakes as per the occasion like anniversary cakes, Valentine’s Day cakes, wedding cakes and birthday cakes.
These cakes can selected are available in different delicious flavors which include:

  • Black Forest
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Pineapple
  • Chocolate Truffle

You are guaranteed to binge these cakes due to their lip smacking flavors.
Whether it is the birthday of your caring mother or an achievement of your son, these cakes will add glitter to these occasions. These cakes are also perfect for cherish the care and love given to you by your grandparents.

You can also send Rose flowers online to your loved ones with delicious cakes on special occasions like birthday or anniversary. These gifts will definitely make them feel special!

These cakes are prepared by our expert bakers who have years of experience related to cake preparation. These bakers put their heart and soul in preparing the yummiest cakes for you. Also, the cakes are properly decorated using fresh cream and other dessert toppings to enhance its appearance.
We use handpicked ingredients while preparing the cakes for you. This ensures that final form is of top notch quality that fills your mouth with awesomeness. Also, each cake is checked for its quality before sending it to the customers.

Our Birthday cake delivery option allows the customers from around 300 cities of India to receive finest quality cakes. We guarantee that you will receive the cakes in their freshest form.
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