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Best Selling Cakes

  1. Rs 599.00
    Half Kg Fresh Butter Scotch cake
  2. Fresh Chocolate Cake Sale
    Rs 899.00 Rs 999.00
    Enrich with the goodness of Chocolate, send this beautiful cake to your loved ones.
  3. Rs 549.00
    A cake filled with delicious chocolate stuff is best to serve on any special ones birthday or anniversary.
  4. Chocolate Cream Cake Sale
    Rs 549.00 Rs 649.00
    Cake is part of every good occasion of the life, make it more special by adding sweetness of chocolate of our Chocolate Cream Cake.
  5. Pineapple Cake Sale
    Rs 499.00 Rs 599.00
    Cheer up the birthday of your loved ones with a delicious pineapple cake. Order it now.
  6. Rs 899.00
    Chocolate and its taste win the heart of people, so include this delicious cake to gift on father's day. you can modify the message written over the pieces of white chocolates. (Quantity :- Half Kg)
  7. Rs 899.00
    Blue is the color which shows loyalty, wisdom, and trust.... This color included in the Cream cake so that it complement the internal quality of your dad.... Send this Half Kg Cake for this father's day and come more close to their heart.
  8. Rs 2,050.00
    This Chocolate cake of 1Kg with creamy texture will make your loved ones to go crazy in every bite.
  9. Rs 2,050.00
    Gift your loved one with this extremely rich dark lip smacking 1 kg adorable truffle cake from five star bakery.
  10. Rs 2,050.00
    A cake for sure to show love & impress your Loved ones with a special mouth watering delicacy. Gift them with delicious 1kg Pineapple Cake from Five Star Bakery.
  11. Rs 899.00
    1 Kg Fresh Cream Black forest cake
  12. Rs 899.00
    1 Kg Fresh Butter scotch cake
  13. Rs 1,375.00
    1.5 Kg Heart Shape Fresh Strawberry cake
  14. Rs 1,350.00
    1.5 Kg Heart shape Fresh Butter scotch cake
  15. Rs 1,399.00
    1.5 Kg Heart Shape chocolate cake
  16. Rs 1,350.00
    1.5 Kg Heart shape Fresh cream Black forest cake
  17. Rs 599.00
    Half kg Fresh chocolate cake
  18. Rs 575.00
    Half Kg Fresh Cream black Forest cake
  19. Rs 925.00
    1 Kg Fresh Dark chocolate cake
  20. Rs 875.00
    1 Kg Fresh cream Pineapple cake
Best Selling Cakes