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Flowers with Greeting Card

  1. Rs 480.00
    Sometimes the only flower that can truly symbolize your sincere feelings is the rose. Sending roses fromFlowersngiftonline to your someone special can relay feelings of love, affection, or even friendship depending on the color and the message. Whether they live near or far, a beautiful delivery of freshly picked roses can show them just how much you care. 12 Long Stem Red Roses in a red paper packing with red colour ribbon bow and lot of fillers
  2. Rs 580.00
    20 red roses with seasonal fillers arranged beautifully in a basket to grace any occasion -
  3. Rs 870.00
    Exclusive Handle Basket of 30 pink fresh roses with beautiful packing
  4. Rs 1,399.00
    Beautiful Glass vase arrangement of fresh 4 Oriental pink lily and 12 fresh red roses
  5. Rs 1,075.00
    Desighner Love Basket Arrangement of 40 fresh red roses in Nice packing
  6. Rs 1,099.00
    Bunch of yellow lilly,roses and gerbara in special paper packing
  7. Rs 775.00
    Tall Arrangement of 25 red roses in nicely arranged in the basket
  8. Rs 540.00
    Beautiful Bunch of Fresh 20 pink roses in white paper packing
  9. Rs 510.00
    Bunch of 18 Red & White roses in Cellophane packing
  10. Rs 550.00
    Bunch of 20 Mix colour roses in nice Cellophane packing
  11. Rs 750.00
    Basket of 25 mix color roses in nicely arranged
  12. Rs 1,099.00
    Handle Basket of 30 Red roses in nice packing
  13. Rs 1,500.00
    Bunch of 60 red roses in Cellophane packing
  14. Rs 1,180.00
    Arrangement of 36 mix roses in glass vase
  15. Rs 750.00
    Bunch of 25 red roses in Paper or Nice packing
  16. Rs 700.00
    Handle Basket of 20 mix roses
Flowers with Greeting Card