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Why are flowers the best gifts?


Ever picked up your date with flowers? Or attended someone’s party with flowers and a bottle of wine? Or congratulated someone at work with a bouquet? Or even sent anonymous flowers and chocolates to your secret crush back in the school years? Yes, we all have done that last one back in the day. Even when its usually the most obvious choice for the people as gifts, what we don’t realize is that, as cliché as they might be, flowers are the best and most safe gifts ever. I say safe because it’s a great option whether you know the person well, or you don’t know them at all.


Send Flowers Online


There is a hidden meaning behind every flower that is gifted, and there are whole books and videos made on them. That is why the only advice that I would give is to know the meaning of those flowers before gifting them. If you go gifting roses to your boss, who is a man like you, you may have just taken the first step towards harassing him.


Flowers n Gift online helps you order flowers online to choose your date and have it delivered to the doorsteps of your special people. The excitement of a surprise, besides the happiness, is the fact that it creates the element of mystery for the receiver as to who may have sent them.


Send Flowers from abroad to India


Flowers n Gift online gives you the opportunity to send flowers to any major country, from anywhere in the world. The kind of surprise would be amazing that your loved ones would get. You just type in the address and in a few simple clicks, you would have made them feel so much more special, on your selected dates, with just a little effort.


Why Choose Us?


Our site gives you a wide area to reach your loved ones. Be it overseas or within the country. A wide range of fresh flowers, chocolates, soft toys, etc to select from, with personalized notes that can be delivered at the doorstep, and can be done with just a few clicks here and there.


Our customer care executives are always devoted to help you with all your queries through helpline numbers +91 9310934057 and +91 9212666320. Customers can mail their queries at There is also an option of live chat with the executives for solving queries and gifting suggestions.


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